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Data & AI

We identify and research trends and put data and AI algorithms to the test – all this with one question in mind: does this stuff actually work? We explore by doing, working with both completely new and more validated innovations.

The digital age creates an ever growing need for people to adjust to the rapid changing world around them. This comes with many challenges. At the Centre for Innovation we develop solutions in a responsible, transparent and above all meaningful way. We believe that technology can be built in a way that ensures privacy and improves equality and fairness. In a time of unprecedented access to data we try to put people first and bring the overwhelming aspect of technology back to a human scale. By doing this we want to help people to better understand the time and place we live in.

As a university department we are a neutral partner. We work open source and publish our best practices. Our standards help us to create innovations that are beneficial to society. By preparing Leiden University for the digital future we support its educational goals. We also collaborate with partner organisations on social impact projects around the globe, most notably in the humanitarian and peace & justice sectors. Industry partners can be part of our mission’s advancement too. Our approach is to work in short projects that last for several months. If proven successful it’s possible to scale up the results to a microservice, enabling other party’s to benefit from our work as well.