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Microsoft film shows LUMC/C4i ankle anatomy app!

How to make the invisible visible? This is a major struggle for educators in general, especially in areas that highly depend on visuals, like in medicine.

To give you some context: Augmented reality is a technology whereby digital objects and information enhance the physical space. A 3D virtual anatomical model is displayed next to your fellow student, and you can study the ankle's bones and muscles, tendons and vessels. And you can move around, discuss and discover the ankle together.

But what makes our app truly unique is that we connected the holograms to the movements of the human body. When students move their ankle, the virtual ankle will move with them…They learn from their own body movements AND its limitations.

For us, innovating the Hololens technology itself is not a goal. We see tech as driver to innovate the way we teach and learn. We're proud to see Microsoft's interest in the project we've completed with Inspark and LUMC!