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Join the Pilot for Virtual Reality (360 VR) projects

Are you curious about what virtual reality - more specifically, 360° video - can do for your education? Do you want to explore this in practice? And are you a teacher at Leiden University? Then join the New Media Lab's pilot!

We are giving teachers the opportunity to create an enriching, engaging VR experience for their students to implement in Leiden University's teaching practice. 

What we look for

The New Media Lab is now looking for curious and motivated academics who would like to explore what the impact and best use of 360 VR is in higher education. We are looking for your ideas to start a 360 VR project in your teaching field.

What we offer

  • Support & coaching from the New Media Lab in developing a 360 VR project;
  • Support for the integration of the project into teaching practices;
  • Validation of the efficacy of VR 360 in education;
  • An opportunity to realise your ideas* and be an early adopter in using 360 VR in education.

*Although we will do our best to support your needs, this technology is still in an early stage and the benefit for scientific education is still unclear. Therefore we cannot guarantee that your project will have a successful outcome, which is why your project will be part of an exploration to try to test the efficacy of 360 VR in education. The pilot takes place between October 2017 and June 2018. 

In return, we ask the following commitment from you:

  • Put in the effort and time to make the project a success; 
  • Cooperate with our researchers to make the learning outcomes measurable;
  • Give at least one presentation for your colleagues at Leiden University about your experience with 360 VR;
  • Share your proceedings and challenges three times during the pilot, in a meeting with the other participants.

Conditions to join the pilot

The decision to start a project together will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Expected (measurable) learning outcome for your students;
  2. 360 VR technology clearly adds the most value to the learning situation, more so than regular video, images, etc;
  3. The project outcome is realistic;
  4. The scope of the project is realistic;
  5. You are motivated to discover the possibilities of this medium for your educational practice;
  6. You have support from your faculty/institute to spend time on this pilot.

Additionally, we’ll be looking for a balanced project load over the different faculties, as well as varied learning experiences. Due to the experimental status of this pilot, we can only take on a small number of projects. The number of projects will depend on the scope of the ideas we receive.

Application Procedure & Timeline Pilot

Apply now by sharing your idea in this form and send it to Leontine van Melle. Applications are open until 24 September (17:00 CET). Selected projects will be announced before 30 September.

Fill in the form 

The pilot will start early October 2017. Project outcomes will be presented in June 2018. (High-level timeline: October/November 2017 - kickoff and design sessions, November/May 2018 video production, testing & evaluation, June 2018 presentation of results.)

More information about 360 VR and the pilot is available in this document.


Download the document 

Inspiration and Orientation meeting

Would you like to know more about the process of this pilot or the opportunities of 360 VR? Or do you want to discuss the possibilities for your specific field with us? Come to our meeting on 14 September, from 11:00 to 13:00 in Leiden at Plexus (Kikkerzaal). Please indicate your interest for this meeting before 12 September by filling in this form.