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CBS starts unique initiative for Big Data research

On 27 September CBS launches the Center for Big Data Statistics (CBDS), a cooperation of an unprecedented scale in the field of Big Data. 

The CBDS involves national and international parties from government, the business world, science and education all working together in the area of Big Data technology and methodology for the production of official statistics. Hugo von Meijenfeldt, National Coordinator Implementation Global Goals for the Netherlands, comments: “The UN sustainable development goals are directing development toward sustainability world-wide, thus also in the Netherlands. I am pleased with CBS’ ambitions and I see real added value in the mobilisation of Big Data as it makes progress on these important goals measurable.” For the World Bank, too, measuring progress on sustainable development goals is essential. Says World Bank Executive Director Frank Heemskerk: “Intensified cooperation between CBS and the World Bank will result in the development of more solid data with which to measure poverty, inequality and progress on other sustainable development goals. High quality statistics will substantiate which sectors require the Director General Tjin-A-Tsoi: “Topics such as broad-based prosperity and the sustainable development goals will play a distinct role at CBDS, since creating the hundreds of indicators involved requires the mobilisation of Big Data.”

The HumanityX team will works closely with the new CBS center to connect to a growing global network of innovators who are working on leveraging the Data Revolution to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.