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500 000 online learners and new courses starting

More than 500 000 learners are now following an online course of Leiden University. The achievement shows the demand for online education; the Online Learning Lab of Centre for Innovation is going forward by releasing 8 MOOC’s in the fall. 

Digital learning environments and open online courses, such as MOOCs, provide revolutionary access to education worldwide, and aim to improve the didactic experiences of both teachers and students. Moreover, online courses can be used in research to learn how we can enhance the impact of scientific research through education. Leiden University is making a new step forward with its online education by releasing 8 new online courses in the fall. The courses vary from Biology to Mindfulness, from Political Economy to Archeology and International Law.

The opening of the academic year is traditionally the start of a new year for the university, its students, and employees. The moment also appears to be marking a new milestone for the university's online education: more than 500 000 students are now following an online course of Leiden University. More than half of these learners are actively involved in the course or courses they follow, and more than 25 000 students are able to complete a course successfully.

This month, four new MOOC’s will be launched, starting with the new course ‘Evolution Today’ by prof. dr. M. Schilthuizen (and et al).  The already existing online course ‘Configuring the World part 1’ is relaunched on the same date (the second part will follow in October).

Those who are interested in following a course online can still enrol through the website of Coursera. The courses are free, but for a formal certificate, there is a fee to cover the costs. A crowdfunding project, which will be launched September 26th, attempts to recover costs and finance new teaching material for the course. Read more. 

MOOC’s in September

Evolution Today by prof. dr. M. Schilthuizen et al (new)
Release date: September 16.

Configuring the World part 1  Prof R.T. Griffiths (relaunch)
Release date: September 19

Demystifying Mindfulness by prof. dr. C.S. Goto-Jones (new)
Release date: September 26.

International Law in Action: Investigating and prosecuting International Crimes by prof. Dr. C. Stahn et al. (new)
Release date: September 26.

Osteoarchaeology: the Truth in Human Bones by Dr. A. Waters (new)
Release date: September 30.


Online Learning Lab

The Online Learning Lab of the Centre for Innovation was created in response to global changes in online education and contributes to solving the demand for worldwide education. The Online Learning Lab explores how online learning developments can contribute to strengthen both university’s education and research, and explores the potential of online learning environments for the creation of new knowledge.

More information on online learning at Leiden university can be found in the Annual Report 2015 of CFI Online Learning Lab.