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  • Innovate with the Centre for Innovation

    May 19th 2017

    The world of innovation is full of buzzwords that are used to describe the benefits of new tech gadgets, start-up best practices and the importance of social impact projects.

  • Tax lawyer Sjoerd Douma wins Coursera award for best lecturer

    March 31st 2017

    Professor Sjoerd Douma has been named the top lecturer on Coursera, the best-known platform for online courses. Students gave him an average score of 9.8 - almost unheard of for a lecturer in International Tax Law.

  • Sign up for new podcast and event series THRIVE

    March 27th 2017

    Together with Babson San Francisco and Free Range, the Centre for Innovation have launched THRIVE, a series of conversations with founders, thought leaders and changemakers about business disruption and social innovations.

  • Learning Experience Design

    March 16th 2017

    We believe Learning Experience Design will change the way we learn.

  • UpGrade wins The Hague Innovators Academy 2016

    December 19th 2016

    Ten talented start-ups from The Hague competed against each other at the Final Event of The Hague Innovators Academy 2016.

  • Online Learning Lab and UN World Food Programme develop online course

    November 14th 2016

    The UN World Food Programme (WFP) and the Online Learning Lab are working together to develop an online course for professionals. To provide employees of the WFP with tutorials about new technology, the WFP and the OLL are making a SPOC.

  • Our New Media Lab and LUMC win Surfnet Innovation Awards

    November 3rd 2016

    The Centre for Innovation New Media Lab and the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) have won the Surfnet Innovation Challenge. The team won the prize with an experiment to link a virtual 3D anatomical model to a living human body.

  • CBS starts unique initiative for Big Data research

    September 27th 2016

    On 27 September CBS launches the Center for Big Data Statistics (CBDS), a cooperation of an unprecedented scale in the field of Big Data. 

  • Leiden University starts VR experiments for education

    September 20th 2016

    How can virtual reality and augmented reality improve academic teaching? During the workshop 'Virtual and augmented reality for education', this question was explored and one of the most promising new devices in the field was introduced: the HoloLens.

  • 500 000 online learners and new courses starting

    September 9th 2016

    More than 500 000 learners are now following an online course of Leiden University. The achievement shows the demand for online education; the Online Learning Lab of Centre for Innovation is going forward by releasing 8 MOOC’s in the fall. 

  • Attention for a data revolution at opening academic year

    September 5th 2016

    During the opening of the academic year, rector magnificus Carel Stolker spoke about the possibilities and concerns that are brought forward by the data revolution. In his speech, he mentioned the Hague Humanity Hub and Centre for Innovation. 

  • NIMD and CFI join forces

    August 26th 2016

    The Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) and Centre for Innovation join forces and signed a Letter of Intent to formalise the commitment to continue collaborating on democratic innovation. 

  • Social media and power in Turkey

    August 16th 2016

    The summer school 'Big Data for Peace and Justice' had it's kick-off on Monday, August 15. Publicist and author Elmira Bayrasli opened the week with a presentation on the role of social media during the failed coup attempt in Turkey.

  • Digital solutions for peace and justice

    August 4th 2016

    During the summer school 'Big Data for Peace and Justice', a special public event is organised on August 16, where we invite some of the world’s leading thinkers in the field of digital technology to talk about digital solutions for the development of pea