Lifelong Learning

Humans are inquisitive beings, and we never stop learning. At the Centre for Innovation we explore learning opportunities from high school until retirement. Our experts use research-based methods to support the development of educational experiences for both young adults and lifetime learners.

The Centre’s unique position is built upon our pedagogical innovation experience and our agile media expertise, which allows us to test new ways of learning for diverse audiences. By partnering with academic, public and private organisations, we identify unique learning opportunities, build courses and learning platforms and empower individual skill development. 



Professional Learning

We work collaboratively with partners to develop unique approaches to lifelong skill development and professional education. Our research-based approach creates learning opportunities outside of traditional education pathways. By prioritising professionals’ unique situations and needs, we redesign professional education to be flexible, self-paced and on demand. In addition, with our expertise in platform development and management, we are able to rethink administrative pathways and advise on the organisational change necessary to support lifelong learning. 


Bridging the Learning Gap

Our holistic approach to learning allows us to find opportunities to educate and explore outside of traditional academic timelines. We look to push the boundaries of education by developing learning experiences for a broad range of educational levels and phases. By building knowledge and skills between established education timelines, we empower learners to make informed decisions about their own learning trajectory. Our projects include creating digital guest lectures to introduce 15-year-olds to academic inquiry and culture and online simulations of the first year of higher education that guide 16-to-18-year-old’s course selection and match them with bachelors programmes.



Reflective & Mindful Learning

Reflection can be seen as ‘a process of reviewing an experience of practice in order to describe, analyse, evaluate and to inform learning about practice’ (Reid, 1993, p.305). We embed reflectivity in our education and course design to act as a compass for both students and professionals. Our learning solutions help navigate uncertainty and provide structure for teachers and learners to explore their values, motivation and inspiration. Because we frequently use (emerging) technology to enhance both professional and academic learning, we also work with learners and educators to integrate skill development for mindful and responsible technology use.

Tools and Services

Want to learn more about our work to inspire Lifelong Learning? 

People: We work with educators, students and professionals to encourage skill based learning and adapt learning to a variety of contexts both within and outside of academic environments. 

Process: We work with organisations and educational institutions to identify gaps in learning pathways. By identifying flexible, creative ways to encourage learning outside of traditional academic trajectories, we build infrastructure that supports organisation-wide learning opportunities in both academia and private or public

Technology: We work in multidisciplinary teams to meet learning opportunities and solve operational obstacles to professional learning with creative digital solutions.


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How we put people first

    Our experts are committed to user-centred design. We take a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to identify and solve problems by rethinking ways of working, implementing technology, building applications, running workshops and giving policy advice. By taking a critical eye towards the problem we’re trying to solve, we prioritise user experience throughout every project lifecycle.