Lukas Rost

My name is Lukas Rost, I am 25 and currently enrolled in a Master 
program in Logistics at Technical University of Dortmund in Germany. 
Before I finished my Bachelors in Mathematics in Munich. In a world with 
growing challenges I decided for myself to take responsibility. Living 
in a way which enables future generations to enjoy life is important for 
myself.  This does include taking responsible decisions in my daily 
life, questioning my own way of living as well as contributing to 
solutions of new challenges.
One of the main problems I see is dealing with more and more information 
and an increasing speed in our society. Not to be overwhelmed by all 
this is challenging for each of us and each institution and 
organization. At the same time the opportunity for changes towards a 
peaceful and beautiful world could not be greater. Together with others 
I want to explore and develop these opportunities.