Gilberto Morishaw

I am a 22 year old Public Administration student at Leiden University specializing in Policy Governance and Organizations. I became involved with the Centre for Innovation during the minor Innovation, Co-creation and Global Impact. I believe in the concept of holisticness and gaining experiences and understandings from many different backgrounds. The Centre for Innovation provides an incredible environment where people are stimulated to grow and try new things while having the opportunity to give back to society in an innovative and useful way.

I am currently involved with multiple labs of the  including the Changemakers Lab and Humanity X. I am mostly focused on the role of people: How can we create more empowered, resilient and peaceful society through the use of concepts like Big Data and the stimulation of the Entrpreneurial Mindset. I am currently working on a project about memetics: How can we use digital memes to create positive online discourse that promotes open and transparent discussion and how can we use virality to promote peace and peaceful dialogue surrounding polarized subjects. I am also helping with the launch of the Change Makers Alumni Network, which is a community of students, entrepreneurs and other future Change Makers who were active in the programs of the Centre for Innovation.

In the near-future I would like to be more involved with other NGO's and IGO's that are working on creating more peaceful and resilient societies.

My name is Gilberto Morishaw and I would love to come in contact with you.