Evan Yap

When I started with my BA Public Administration, with a specialization in policy making and management, I saw a great potential in the usage of data driven technologies. Only later when following the Minor: Responsible Innovation (a cooperative minor with the Erasmus University Rotterdam, TU Delft and University of Leiden), after following the course on Big data for Peace and Justice I realised what specific part fascinated me so much. It was the ability to use these technologies responsibly in order to accommodate aid in areas around the world where it was needed most.

Currently I am involved in a project with the Aidsfonds where we are setting up a platform that will enable them to visualize different external data sets in order to aid to support evidence based decision-making. Even though I have only recently joined the student-fellow team I have learned very much already and to be able to work with real life cases in a dynamic highly ambitious team is inspiring. I hope to learn much more in the future and to see where this road takes me.