Tomoko Mochimaru (Japan)

Skillslab 2015 - 2016

Interactive courses allow students to work hard and learn a lot since they need to work actively, instead of passively, and certainly Skillslab providing this experience for me. Unlike usual Japanese universities, the Skillslab course taught me skills and gave me insights that I can directly connect to my future career. Taking skills seriously, I surely got the opportunity to develop myself both personally and professionally through the course. This course also helped me to discover that we can devote ourselves into exciting jobs that bring a lot of learning experiences at the same time. With the skills I gained in this course, I can continue to find which work environment fits my personality and for what I can get excited. 

As I had expected, the course was a lot about looking inward and acquiring skills that will be helpful in future. Every lecture focused on a specific theme, for example empathy, time management or negotiation. It was especially interesting to gain skills that help understand your own characteristics as well as learning skills that directly apply to work situations, such as persuasion and negotiation. I’m glad I chose this course, it will certainly help me to choose a future career.