How to teach online

Providing university teachers with knowledge and skills

The Online Learning Lab of the Centre for Innovation is developing MOOCs and SPOCs (Small Private Online Course) in collaboration with professors and teachers of Leiden University. To support and train the SPOC teachers, the Online Learning Lab can now provide an online course on 'How to teach online'.

In this 5-week training teachers develop their knowledge and practical skills in online teaching and gain insight in the tools that they have to use to make a SPOC. At the moment, the first group of teachers, that have been invited by OLL, just finished the first edition of this course online. 

The course 'How to teach online' is specifically meant for professors and teachers of Leiden University. Others that are interested can get in touch with our partners of Elevate of Utrecht University. Elevate is an online academy offering online courses in medical (research) science, veterinary science and global health.