Network Analytics: Elite repository

Corporate Elites

From its inception, big business in the western industrialised world has been organised in national business communities. Central elements of these business communities are corporate board interlocks that constitute the notorious "Old Boys Network". This corporate elite connects the centres of corporate governance.

Network datasets

The Netherlands has a rich tradition of research to corporate elite networks. Yet many of the original datasets have not been publicly available up till today. This website offers direct access to original datasets on interlocking directorates in the Netherlands. It is the first time that all these databases are publicly accessible.
For each database, a description of the database is included as well as a list of important studies that used the database.
All databases can be downloaded in excel files or in csv files. In addition, you can explore the networks.

Network visualisation tool

This website has a unique network visualisation tool that allows the visitor to explore each of the networks. The visualisation of the network starts with a random node. By clicking in the network or by selecting features in the panel, you can travel through the network.
Though the menu you can search for particular firms and persons or look for the shortest path between two points in the network.
This projects has been performed in collaboration with Leiden University.