Data mapping: CO2 Match- making Tool

To investigate ways to facilitate the exchange of CO2 an Interdisciplinary Project Group (IPG) has been set up as part of the MSc. Industrial Ecology at the Technical University of Delft and Leiden University. This IPG was involved in the EnCOre flagship of Climate-KIC. EnCOre (Enabling CO2 reuse) seeks to identify opportunities for mechanisms and technologies that enable CO2 utilisation within industrial clusters. CO2 is therefore treated as a feedstock rather than an emission and potential synergies at the level of by-product exchange, utility sharing and shared governance are identified and considered from a wide range of industries. 
The final tool produced consists of a interactive map and a data explorer that allow users to easily navigate the entire dataset to find specific consumers or producers of CO2. You can find the full length research report here. 

The underlying software is a Leiden-TU Delft run online visualisation