Student Fellowships

Work on projects with top organisations worldwide

The Student Fellowship programme gives students the opportunity to work on innovation projects with public and private sector partners, and international organisations. Take the initiative and gain a valuable career experience! Explore our website and find interesting projects and partners, and identify the skills you would like to develop as a Student Fellow.


How is this different to a traineeship or an internship?

Students can work on  innovation projects with professional support. Each fellowship is unique and tailored to the Student Fellow's ambitions. A student fellowship is not an internship, nor a paid position. The fellowship is a unique opportunity to accelerate your career while develop skills.

What are the Benefits of a Student Fellowship?

  • Gain valuable experience in a innovative work environment.
  • Put into practice what you learn at university
  • A CFI Lab mentor will support you in your learning objectives
  • Get help finding an international internship or consulting assignment
  • Get insight into global trends and find a relevant thesis subject
  • Get free access to events and the annual summer school
  • Have fun and develop an (international) network!

What are the example projects Student Fellows worked on?

How to apply for a Student Fellowship?

Every year the Centre for Innovation allows up to 15 student fellows to join the various labs and work on projects. If you’re interested in joining us we can then schedule an intake-interview to get an overview of your wishes and needs, and to see which project(s) you could work on. Feel free to contact us or join us on Future Fridays and get to know us and learn more about the projects you can do.

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