Student Fellowships

Work on projects with top organisations worldwide

The Student Fellowship programme gives students the opportunity to work on innovation projects with public and private sector partners, and international organisations. Take the initiative and gain a valuable career experience! 

Read about the current openings for student fellowships here.


How is this different to a traineeship or an internship?

Students can work on  innovation projects with professional support. Each fellowship is unique and tailored to the Student Fellow's ambitions. A student fellowship is not an internship, nor a paid position. The fellowship is a unique opportunity to accelerate your career while develop skills.

What are the Benefits of a Student Fellowship?

  • Work in an innovative in a fast paced and collaborative team 
  • Gain experience which strengthens your resume and helps you decide if the field of the fellowship is interesting for you
  • Set your own learning objectives and develop your personal and professional skills
  • Grow your network with externals at leading organizations
  • Look at global trends from a new perspective, and get support in your learning objectives 

How do Student Fellowships work?

As a student fellow, we match your learning objectives with the needs and opportunities within the team. We are always looking for the input of students on projects. Together, we scope out a project for you to be involved in, including the length of your engagement and the opportunities you'll have. You'll have a fellowship supervisor, whom you'll work with closely on your project. At the end, we will together evaluate and see what opportunities there may be! 

How do I apply for a Student Fellowship?

Every year the Centre for Innovation allows up to 6 student fellows to join the various projects and function teams. If you’re interested in joining us we can then schedule an intake-interview to get an overview of your wishes and needs, and to see which project(s) you could work on. Let's take it from there!

Who can apply for Student Fellowships?

Students from Leiden, Delft, and Erasmus Universities are welcome to apply for Student Fellowships. 

Please keep in mind that most fellowships will require you to work at least some of the time at our main office in The Hague.