The Centre for Innovation connects to a large network of scientists, (international) organisations in public and private sector, and NGO’s. The Centre provides a unique opportunity for organisations to have access to a valuable resource for development & research that is too costly or too "far out" to be accommodated within their normal environment. It is also an opportunity for organisations to bring their challenges and concerns to the various Labs to see the solutions our partners and colleagues present.

Below you will find the different partnership models we offer: 

Associated Partner

In this model we connect a company with a group of other sponsors and Lab faculty and research staff focused on a common agenda. These members have access to all of the research conducted at the Lab, Lab-wide visiting privileges, invitations to semi-annual member-only events, and full intellectual property rights. Consortium Lab Members may also choose to enhance their membership further through support of an Innovation Fellow. Benefits include:

  • Access to all the projects at the Lab;
  • Membership of the external advisory board of the CFI;
  • Lab-wide visiting privileges;
  • Student recruitment;
  • Strategic brainstorming session and development & research agenda exploration;
  • Invitation to member events, lectures and special events;
  • Logos visible in publications and on our website
  • Associated partners contribute financially, based on a multi-year commitment.

Project Partner

Project partners have a specific interest and therefore support a project of the Centre for Innovation, that is linked to this interest. Partners are involved in joint project development and share knowledge and experience. This level of membership provides all the benefits of associate  partnership (see above) with the added benefit of an employee-in-residence at the CFI working on specific projects with our team.

Service Partner

This partnership model provides partners who would like to contribute in kind to interact with our projects.

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