Join us on Future Fridays!

Welcome to our Future Friday series: our open platform for talks, discussions and experimentation on new innovations for education, research and entrepreneurship. 

Every Friday afternoon, we welcome teachers, researchers, social innovators, students and other curious minds to our Future Friday sessions at Wijnhaven in The Hague. The purpose of these afternoons is to meet new people, work on ideas together and expand our (and your!) network. 

Twice a year, we also host a FutureFriday+ series, during which we invite thought leaders and experts in their field to talk about new trends and technologies as well as showcase and test their work. These talks are based around three overarching themes: innovating digital learning, using tech to create social impact and improving innovation skills for professionals and students. 

In addition to asking internal and external partners to share their work and ideas with the audience, Future Friday is also a platform where we present and test Centre for Innovation's showcases and concepts, to encourage discussion and participation.


Regular Future Friday meetings are happening every week this semester, until 8 June 2018 (except public holidays 27 April and 11 May 2018). You don't need to register to attend these regular Future Friday sessions.

The FutureFriday+ series, with talks and workshops, will start on 2 March 2018. The programme is as follows:

2 March: Introducing Innovation Methods: change the way you work
9 March: The power of storytelling: educational podcasts
23 March: How do you prepare for jobs that don’t exist yet?
6 April: Preparing for GDPR: how can we use data responsibly?
20 April: Reimagining learning: piloting 360 Virtual Reality
18 May: Past the hype... Is blockchain relevant for humanitarians?
25 May: How can organisations become leaders through change?


Future Friday has an open door policy and everyone is welcome to join. Please let us know that you're coming by registering using the button below.

***Registration is now closed***

What: Future Friday

Where: Inspiration Lab at Wijnhaven, Turfmarkt 99, 2511 DP in Den Haag

When: every Friday from 1pm-5pm*

* During the summer break from Friday 15 June until the end of August, there won't be any Future Fridays.

We look forward to meeting you at Future Friday!



On 25 May, we hosted a creating thinking workshop with Gijs van Beeck Calkoen. You can download the slides from his presentation + notes below. Varun Kaul also presented his research on this day. You can reach out to him via Varun's LinkedIn page.

Slides: Creative thinking workshop

On 6 April we hosted two workshop and discussed adaptation and compliance to GDPR regulation by the humanitarian sector. You can download the presentation slides below: 

Slides: How we developed our CFI Data Policy

Slides: D4D's General Protection Data Policy


On 23 March we hosted a workshop and discussed the Future of Work; including the type of skills that would allow you to create your own job. You can download the presentation slides below: 

Slides: What are the Jobs that Don’t Exist Yet?

On 9 March, we ran a podcast workshop on how to create your own educational podcast. You can download the presentation slides below:

Slides: Educational Podcasts

Student Podcast Assignment

On 26 January 2018, Moniek Akerboom gave a workshop on using technology in the classroom. You can download her slides below.

Slides: Technology in the classroom


On 24 November 2017, Jana Wendler and Sybille Lammes led an interactive workshop on Playfields, an innovative digital app for playful field research methods.

Playfield's Manifesto

On 27 October 2017, Mirko Kleiner gave a talk on Agile @ procurement: what businesses can learn from startups. You can download Mirko’s lean procurement canvas template and his presentation below. For more information, please visit the Lean Agile Procurement website.

Lean Procurement Canvas

Mirko Kleiner's Presentation