Introducing Innovation Methods: change the way you work

What is innovation? How do you go about it? At our first Future Friday+ session of the season, we go back to basics.

We cover the main types of innovation, why it is crucial to create meaningful change and which methods you can use to approach innovation. After a central discussion, participants can attend one of three workshops: working effectively in teams, rapid prototyping or a scenario session on how to approach complex situations.


13:00 - Registration, tea & coffee

13:15 - Innovation Methods: why, what & how

13:35 - 3 workshop pitches

14:00 - Parallel workshops

Workshop 1: Creating the perfect storm: how to work effectively in teams
There’s a lot keeping us from doing the things we should do to reach our goals. How could we organize our work to make progress effectively? In this workshop you’ll find it out with two interactive games.

Workshop 2: Rapid prototyping
Rapid prototyping is a team-based innovation methodology to facilitate and activate ideation for change. Join the workshop to find out more about working in a collaborative, incremental way towards a better product or solution.

Workshop 3: Create your own scenario session
Take on the role of different stakeholders and get a better insight into complex situations! Scenario sessions are a great way to create imaginative narratives and can serve as a starting point for discussions. In the workshop, we will guide you through the process on how to set up and conduct a such a session. 


Future Friday has an open door policy and everyone is welcome to join. Please let us know that you're coming by registering using the button below.

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