Inspirationlab: Future Fit Education

We invite you to join the dialogue on how to make education future fit!

The job market is in constant change. We can only speculate about the new jobs that will emerge over the next 10 years. The question is how universities can anticipate on this evolving challenge. How can we educate students to become resilient, adaptable and proactive professionals? Harmen Jousma and Bram Alkema will share their perspective on the future of entrepreneurship in education. 

Harmen Jousma is director of the educational program Science Based Business and lectures on Technopreneurship at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of Leiden University, the Netherlands. Currently he is involved in educating science students who consider careers outside (fundamental) research and with teaching and research on science-based entrepreneurship in particular. 

Bram Alkema is a renown speaker on innovation and customer development. His public speaking is confrontational, associative and engaging. As a successful entrepreneur and business coach, he is on the forefront of Europe’s new economy industries, such as gaming (IQU, Eximion), cross border e-commerce (GlobalCollect), future of Banking (Sign2Pay), persuasion design (science rockstars), customer loyalty (Loyalty Hub). 

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Join the debate on Thursday march 10th (17.00-18.00) and register for the event by sending an email to

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