How Do You Prepare For Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet?

Join us this FutureFriday+ if you are curious about how you can prepare yourself for the world of work.

As a student, you might wonder how you’re going to score that first job. The workplace and type of jobs are evolving -- so how can you best prepare for your career? This week, we present a perspective on the future of work for forward-looking students. Join local business leaders from The Hague in discussing the key trends in the future of work, test if your business idea could become a career, and see how chatbots are transforming the way we find meaningful work. 


13:00 – Registration, tea & coffee

13:15 – Panel session: What are the jobs that don’t exist?

AI, neural networks, interfaces and robotics are changing the needs of the workforce. Underneath this is an increasing demand for innovative, discovery-minded thinkers. A panel of local business and education leaders will help us understand what the future of work is, how it is changing, and what that means for students. 

13:45 – How do you create your own job?

The future of work is open to new directions. Maybe you have an idea. Maybe it's something that can make tasks easier. Maybe it's something which can change the world. Great! But is it an idea from which you can create your own job? This quick workshop will provide you with a simple tool to help you find your own market and be your own boss. 

14:30 – How chatbots change the way we find work 

Most of us will probably work in many roles and areas during our careers. But how do we profile ourselves to seize the opportunities we like most? This workshop will show you how to get in the driver's seat of your career. We will also introduce LIFT, a chatbot designed in collaboration with Leiden University to show internships and jobs that fit your Passion, Purpose and Potential. 


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