How Can Organisations Become Leaders Through Change?

Join us at our last FutureFriday+ of the season, where we will discuss how large organisations can adapt to the changing demands in society.


13:00 – Registration, tea & coffee

13:15 ­– Introduction & welcome

13:30 – How to become an ambidextrous organisation

About this talk: How can organisations take advantage of digital innovations? And how can they keep their workforce engaged? Organisations need to perform innovation activities on two levels: exploiting the existing value proposition as well as to exploring new ones. Such an organisation is extremely difficult to achieve, as it requires nurturing an “exploit” culture and “explore” culture simultaneously. In this talk, we will discuss how these different cultures require different organizational structures, processes, and tools. 

14:00 – Solving creative challenges with Gijs van Beeck Calkoen 

About this workshop: Gijs will give a workshop about how to deliberately create breakthrough ideas in teams. We will explore the logical necessity for being non-rational (in conflict with reason, but not irrational) in order to escape from standard thinking patterns and by doing so, creating ideas for innovations. But radically breaking standard thinking by organisational members will mostly have severe psychological and social psychological repercussions. How to overcome them? In small groups, we will experience the power of systematic and structured creative thinking techniques, as lateral thinking (Edward de Bono) and the Russian Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (Genrich Altshuller). Bring with you a creative challenge from your company or scientific discipline!

Gijs van Beeck Calkoen is the owner of the Practice for Bold Thinking - creating innovations with teams. Founder of the North Sea Ideathons as well as those in Málaga.


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