Future Lab on Engagement

How can we be engaged and reach our full potential in school, work and our personal lives? How can we be passionate about what we're learning, what we want to achieve and what we do with our knowledge and abilities?

People that are engaged show effort, persistence, participation, and motivation to discover new knowledge, qualities and abilities in themselves. Being engaged is more than just trying to be the best or wanted to achieve your goals, it's also about finding your own purpose. How can we be engaged and reach our full potential in school, work and in our personal lives? How can we be passionate about what we're learning, what we want to achieve and what we do with our knowledge and abilities?

Let's find answers on these questions together during the new FutureLab on Friday, April 29. Join our session and find out what engagement means and how you can be engaged. Discuss what you want to learn in life and get inspired to connect your personal (learning) goals to the greater needs of our society. 

The opening of the session will be an interview with Prof. dr. Richard Griffiths. Richard Griffiths is an economic historian working at Leiden University. In 2014 he developed one of the first Leiden Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on political economy. In March, he received the Outstanding Educators Award for innovation for his work and efforts in the field of online learning. His latest book Configuring the World is a new introduction to the international political economy that offers an overview of many aspects of today’s world economy and stimulates a critical attitude to accepting facts at face value. 


Time: 14u00 entry / 14u15 start of the session

Location: Living Lab, Schouwburgstraat 2 (2nd floor)


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