Extended Reality (VR/AR) in Higher Education Community Meeting

3 March 2020 13:30 - 17:00 The Hague


Augmented and Virtual Reality are used more and more in higher education. Most institutes for higher education in Europe are also experimenting with it, or already use it in regular education. We experience a growing need to exchange content and knowledge on how to best use these technologies.

We believe ‘shared use’ and ‘knowledge exchange’ will drive development of the medium, increase the overall quality of XR experiences and lower the cost per user making the technology more readily available and accessible for a broader user group. The AR/VR HUB aims to provide a platform to get in touch with each other and share knowledge and content. 

This specific meeting is invite-only, but we see it as a first get-together of the community and as the start of a collaboration that will grow into a larger (international) group. 


  • Welcome by Centre for Innovation
  • Big picture goals of the meeting
  • Introductions by participants
  • Plenary presentation(s)


  • Introduction to workshop with goals for the session
  • Workshop form to exchange ideas (in groups)
  • Parallel round table sessions
  • Round table session conclusions & Q&A
  • Drinks

Should you be interested in joining please contact Carel.

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