Agile Ecosystems – How to create shared purpose in an ever changing world?

Hereby we would like to invite you to the Agile for Excellence conference 'Agile Ecosystems' at Leiden University – Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs, on Thursday, 26 October 2017.

Do we compete or collaborate? While digitalisation creates ever-new connections across legal, business, and cultural entities, we need to learn to benefit within such ecosystems. However, both alignment to a common purpose and sharing of assets have their limits. What are the rules of engagement, how to create a win-win in an ecosystem, and what are the leadership competencies required? The goals of the event are to learn, get inspired, and facilitate knowledge exchange within a community of practitioners, change agents, and researchers. 

Who should attend?

Are you a manager in a leading position or a higher civil servant? During the event, experts and speakers share their insights to inspire you on agility outside of individual organisations. During the workshops, participants can experience different ecosystem approaches in practice. 


There is currently little experience on agile transformations in the Netherlands (and Europe in general). Due to the tacit nature of experience it is best shared from person to person. An event with the right types of activities can help leveraging the network.

Guiding themes are:

  • IT Talent Scarcity: What are ideas to take advantage of complementary resources in ecosystems and deal with scarcity of (IT) talent? 
  • (Cyber)security: What are opportunities to tackle (Cyber)security threats across organisational boundaries? 
  • Knowledge growth: What are opportunities for knowledge growth across the public and private sectors, and academia? 
  • Tech Trends: What are opportunities for digitalisation across organisational boundaries? 

Curious what that looks like? You can find videos from past events here: (1) Impression video, (2) Bas Touw (Nuon), (3) Andy Sales (CA Technologies), (4) Edgar van Zoelen (Philips), (5) Marcel van Oosterhout (RSM). You can find pictures from last year’s event here, and our 360° impression of the Leadership in Agile Organisations conference here (watch on a VR headset or enabled mobile phone).

About Agile for Excellence

The Agile for Excellence (AE) lab at Leiden University – Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs supports organisations with methods for ideation, development and management of products and services. We do this through research, advice and education.


The event is divided: (1) keynotes, (2) ecosystem workshops, and (3) drinks and networking.  ​You can find the full programme following the link below:



The event is organised in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Uitvoeringsorganisatie Bedrijfsvoering Rijk (UBR), and CA Technologies.


Registration links

Please click here for regular registration (295€) 
Researchers and partner organisations please click here for discount registration (voucher code required).

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