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Student Assistant

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  • Digital Learning Lab: Online Learning

  • Summary

  • I am currently in the process of writing my thesis and finishing up the BA International Studies where I specialized in the region of East Asia and Mandarin. Whilst my interests towards International relations, conflict studies, and the Asian culture were accommodated during my Bachelor, I discovered another field that equally spiked my interest: sustainability and development. This prompted me to arrive at the Centre for Innovation.
    Within the Digital Learning Lab I am currently fulfilling the position of project & tech support in a collaboration with Transparency International where we are developing an online course on the monitoring, usage of governance indicators to fight corruption.
    In addition to this, I facilitate support for other learning-projects related to HumanityX.

  • Expertise

    • With a background in International Studies, East Asia and Mandarin I am planning on pursuing a MSc in Environmental (Management) Policy.
  • Looking for

  • Persons and projects working on the sustainable management and development of projects, related to eg., data literacy and data usage (in) the SDG’s

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(working days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)